News staff earns statewide honor, individual awards


Kelli Taylor

The 2020-2021 Marionette Staff.

Staff, Reporter

The results are in, and the Marionette Online staff brought home several individual awards and some site-wide awards to add to the trophy case after the 105th annual Oklahoma Scholastic Media Monday Spring Media Monday event this Monday.

After qualifying throughout the year in monthly contests, students were able to submit their work for consideration among the best work in the state. Sophomores Anne Daniel and Paola Zapata were big winners, while seniors Katie Hillemeyer and Lilly Franca rounded out the rest of the individual awards for the staff.

Feature Story: Paola Zapata, 1st place

Critical Music Review: Lilly Franca, Honorable Mention

News Story: Anne Daniel, 1st and 2nd place, Katie Hillemeyer, 3rd and Honorable Mention

Opinion: Paola Zapata, 1st place

In addition to the previously published awards, Daniel was also honored with the title of Writer of the Year, a first-time honor for any Marionette staff member. Daniel has also won three Best of SNO awards this year for her work covering gifted student burnout, teachers with autoimmune diseases and sex education laws.

Overall, the Marionette staff earned a rating of Highest Honors and were given the title of All-Oklahoma, which is the top four online sites in the state, regardless of division level.