Upcoming career day scheduled for student body

The second career day will feature professionals from a variety of careers for students to meet


Kelli Taylor

Students listen to a guest during the career day in 2019. (File Photo)

Miranda Rodriguez, Guest Reporter

The second annual Career Day is scheduled for the afternoon of Oct. 13, bringing professionals from a variety of fields to speak to the student body. 

Multiple employees from different job fields will be present for students to learn from. Some job fields being presented are real estate, music, law, culinary, journalism, and many more. 

“The idea behind Career Day is to give students an overall perspective of different types of careers that they might be interested in,” said assistant principal Renee Cox. 

Students will get a chance to choose what career presentation they would like to attend by completing a form that is available on Microsoft Teams. All students are required to attend, as it will be considered a normal school day. 

“I think it helps students, because it gives the students a better grasp and more information about the career they are interested in,” said junior Lynda Martinez.

Elizabeth Silver, who taught photography at Harding Charter Prep for seven years, will represent the field of dentistry. Silver said she wants students to know that it is ok if students do not know what career they want in high school, and that it might take some trial and error to find the right fit.

“Taking a different path has given me strengths that set me apart from people who haven’t had the life experiences I’ve had,” Silver said. “I really love my career, and I feel very lucky to have found something about which I’m both passionate and skilled.”

Career Day began as an idea four years ago, but this is the second year it is being held. Cox originally had the idea and former school principal Carole Kelley was the main organizer of the event. The school was unable to host the event last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Kelley and Cox hope this year can inspire students to find their perfect career match. 

“We want to make sure that you guys are doing the things that you need to do and making the decisions that you need to make for that endgame,” Cox said.