New graduation requirements, programs announced

Concurrent enrollment programs, a reduction in requirements, and a late start were added to the district policies


Pew Nguyen

With the change in graduation requirements, students will have the option to explore different subjects that may interest them.

Miranda Rodriguez, Managing Editor

With the 2023-2024 school year approaching, administration is announcing the graduation requirement changes and other general changes that are to come.  

Graduation requirements are among the biggest changes. Previously students were required to complete multiple electives in order to graduate. The HICD school board and superintendent administration team proposed the idea of minimizing the requirements to the state graduation requirements, which consists of one credit of fine arts and/or speech, plus health. They hope this will help students focus on a subject or give them the opportunity to explore different electives.  

“I support them if they give students more choices and more opportunities, especially for students that do artistic things,” said fine arts teacher Michael Ferguson. His classes will continue to fulfill the new requirements.  

Concurrent and dual enrollment will also be offered. Juniors or seniors will be allowed enrollment at a metropolitan college or university, given certain requirements are met. The requirements are based on standardized test scores, GPA and class rank. Concurrent students may enroll in a combined number of high school and college courses per semester but are not to exceed a college workload of 19 semester credit hours. One-half high school unit will be equivalent to three semester credit hours of college work. 

“The idea is to provide more opportunities for our students and the board felt like having a full-blown concurrent enrollment option for students is best,” said principal Joe Hughes. 

A late-start Monday will also be implemented. Classes will begin at 9 a.m., leaving an extra hour before classes. This time will be used for additional academic help, club meetings, enrichment programs and teacher group planning.  

Be sure to contact an administrator or your counselor for any additional questions!