In our ‘Eras Era’- Part Two

Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ from Miranda’s perspective


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Miranda Rodriguez, Managing Editor

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When I saw the announcement about Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’, I knew this was the opportunity to fulfill the dream I’ve had for the last few years.  

I survived “The Great War” of ticket sales and was able to secure tickets for me, my sister, and cousin for night two in Arlington, Texas. 

We got there before the stadium doors opened, and there were feelings of anticipation throughout the crowd. It was amazing to be surrounded by people who were just as passionate about Swift’s music as I am. 

The first opener of the night, Gracie Abrams, came on stage around 6:20. I wasn’t too familiar with her music, but I really enjoyed her performance! I made sure to record her set for my best friend. She was on stage for about 20 minutes, and I think she was a great lead up to Swift’s performance. 

About 15 minutes later, Beabadoobee came on stage as the second opener. I really enjoy her music, so I was excited to see her set. My favorite song on her set was “Apple Cider”, which is my favorite song by her overall. After 30 minutes, Bea and her band made their way off the stage.  

At 7:50 the lights dimmed, and screams filled the stadium. I had been trying to keep calm all day, but at that moment I lost all control. Tears immediately filled my eyes and I cheered louder than I ever have.  

The show opened with a medley of Swift saying her album names and the song “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince”, which I believe was a perfect opening act because of the lyric “It’s been a long time coming” which describes her experience with touring perfectly.  

The first album she performed was “Lover”. I thought it was a great fit because due to COVID-19 Swift had to cancel her tour ‘Lover Fest’. It was a great metaphor for her starting where she left off. I made sure to call one of my close friends during “The Archer”, which is a song about Swift’s struggle with anxiety and is a song we both love.  

The second part of the show covered her album “Fearless”, which was re-recorded in 2021. This album has some of her earlier songs, so it brought out a feeling of nostalgia and memories that I’ll never forget. My favorite performance was “You Belong with Me”. It’s one of the songs that made me fall in love with Swift’s music and I consider it special to me.  

The next album was “Evermore”. It is one of my favorite albums of all time and it’s safe to say I couldn’t wait to hear it live. My favorite song from this album set was “tolerate it”. It was extremely well-performed and emotionally moving. I would definitely consider this one of my favorite songs of the night. 

Her next album , “Reputation”, is definitely a fan favorite. These performances began with a visual of snakes on the screens and fans immediately recognized the album. My favorite song on the album, “Delicate”, was the opening song and even has a chant that fans partake in.  

“Reputation” was followed by a performance of “Enchanted” from her album “Speak Now”. Although I love this song and enjoyed hearing it performed live, I wish she could’ve done more songs from this album. It is one of my favorites of hers and has many underrated songs that have a lot of potential to be performed.  

Her next album was “Red”. This opened with her song “22”, which I especially enjoyed because it was the first song that got me interested in Swift’s music. My favorite song from this set was the acoustic version of “All Too Well (10 minute version)”. This song is a fan favorite and was one of the most anticipated performances of the night. 

“Folklore” opened with the song “the 1”, which was different than the previous cities that opened with “invisible string”. This album is very special to me because it’s my all-time favorite. My favorite performance was “my tears ricochet”. I would have to say this was by far my favorite album performance of the night.  

The performance of “1989” opened with my favorite song from the album, “Style”. I loved this album because the songs reminded me of listening to them in my childhood. I adored the performance of “Bad Blood”, the visuals were amazing and the use of fire was one of the coolest parts of the show. 

The most anticipated part of the night were the “secret songs”, which are different for each show. Our songs were “Death by a Thousand Cuts” on “Lover” and “Clean” on 1989″. I believe these are two of her most well written songs and couldn’t believe my luck. I made sure to call my two closest friends during this so we could still experience the moment together, even while separated.  

The last album performed was “Midnights”. The show ended with a performance of “Karma”, which I thought was a memorable and fun way to end an amazing show. 

This show made my “Wildest Dreams” come true and every moment of it felt surreal. I’ll remember it “All Too Well”. Like Becca said, this show was a definite 13/10!