Big Truck Tacos packs big time flavor


Michael Emerson

The Flamin’ Lips.

Callie Struby, Reporter

We at the Marionette are always looking for great food to try, and great restaurants to go to, so clearly we had to make a stop at Big Truck Tacos. Located at 530 NW 23rd street in OKC, OK Big Truck Tacos opened in July 2009, reporting a packed house and rave reviews on their opening night. Ask anyone who’s been and they will be sure to tell you that it is delicious even adding in their favorite menu item, so we thought we would do the same.

The menu is creative and delicious boasting a fried avocado taco, a tongue taco, a ceviche, a massive burrito, and the 5th amendment, a mystery ingredient taco that is described the next day. Even the sauces are creative with some of them named asphalt, the OMG and the OMFG (warning the OMFG is very hot).

After ordering the tongue taco, The Flaming Lips, I began to wonder what I was doing. I had never eaten tongue before, yet there was no need for me to worry as these guys no how to cook tongue.  The meat was smoky and tender, with creamy avocado and fresh lime, with a slight bit of heat. This taco definitely changed the way I think of tongue.

I also tried the shrimp and tilapia ceviche. Although I had never tasted ceviche I ordered it, and couldn’t have been gladder I did. The fish was perfectly prepared; it was fresh and summery with lime, onion and avocado and served with crispy homemade chips.

We also tried several other tacos that caught our attention. The fried avocado taco, the Crispy Cado, was very tasty, creamy and not too spicy. The Beef Al Carbon, which is a coffee rubbed grilled flank steak taco with roasted onion and poblano, was salty, tender and packed with flavor. The Barracho Chicken, a spiced-rubbed beer can chicken with BTT tomato sauce, was packed with good tomato flavor.

Tacos aren’t the only thing Big Truck does well; they also make good burritos that are big and flavorful. For example, the Thunder Burrito, a massive bison burrito with jalapeños, refried beans and pico de gallo is totally worth the time trying to fit it into your mouth. But for those who are a little less adventurous, never fear. The grilled beef burrito is delicious with lots of beans, rice and cheese.

After eating at Big Truck Tacos and sampling a lot of their food, we are happy to conclude that Big Truck Tacos is definitely a place to check out. This reporter would give BTT a 9 on a scale of 10. We as a staff concluded that Big Truck Tacos is on their way to truly saving the world one taco at a time.